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Veloci Old Street Frameset - Metallic Grey Camo

Maciek (our Ops Director) met Jerry (Veloci's Design Director) on a recent trip to Taiwan and they talked steel bikes and framesets. Based on these conversations and Jerry's love of steel, we're excited that they've joined the BLB family!

The Old Street is a second generation, multi-purpose, Steel, Track Frameset. Beautifully made with a tight geometry, it allows you to use a 700 x 35c wheelset (great riding in the mud) and a number of rack mounts on the forks so that you can ride with a rack and guards. #tracklocrossiscoming

From €68.20 per month
From €136.30 per month

Veloci No.55 Carbon Fork - Black

VELOCI No.55 Carbon Fork is designed for those who wants to ride fast, and not only just ride fast on paved road surface.

No.55 Carbon Fork has the same height and offset as most carbon forks for disc brake road bikes. However, it is designed to be tougher and has better tire clearance which fits 700x35c and 650Bx40c tires.

Now you have the option to ride fast and ride wild. The only question left is how many bikes you want to own ?? One road bike and one gravel bike ?? Or the bike can do both.

From €29.20 per month
From €58.30 per month

Veloci Tracklocross Fork


The reason why the Veloci team initially wanted to make a steel bike was quite simple. In addition to being enthusiastic, it was to be the most ideal steel bike in their minds. Fortunately they have good bicycle industry resources which help them launch their range of framesets and bicycle parts.

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