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Joe Blow Sport III track pump

The Joe Blow Sport III Track Pump continues the tradition of improving floor pump performance. The durable steel barrel and base is combined with an ergonomic padded handle to make inflating tyres an easy task.

The rotating connection ensures that the Joe Blow Sport III Track Pump's hose is kept tangle free, whilst the 3" easy-to-read chronograph gauge allows you to monitor the inflation in real time. An updated hammer type TwinHead™ DX now features a longer lever for easier use.


Pedros Tyre Levers (pair) - Yellow

The Pedro's Tyre Levers are nothing short of a saviour. Made from a proprietary plastic composite blend & featuring a unique chisel tip shape the Pedro's Tyre Levers are award winning & universally loved.

Altum Modual Tool System & Saddle Bag

The award-winning Altum Modual range consists of an innovative bicycle multi-tool and accompanying tool roll that are comprehensive enough for use at home yet compact enough for the road. A portable yet powerful alternative to conventional folding bike tools. Comes with saddle bag.

Moudual Tool System (MTS) is a 14 function bicycle multi-tool with a clever modular design. The tool can be orientated like a wrench or like a screwdriver and has tyre levers that attach magnetically to either side to form an ergonomic handle. It is made from hardened steel and has the capacity to hold four tool bits internally, so it's functionality can be configured to suit the requirements of your bike.


BLB 1/8" Chain Splitter

1/8” chain breaker for track and fixed gear applications.

This 1/8” chain breaker works as well as the Park Tools CT2 but doesn’t cost the earth. The burly handle along with over sized head ensures this tool will break even the burliest BMX chains without you breaking a sweat.

Tough enough for the use in even the busiest workshops and affordable enough to be found in the bottom of every cyclists back pack. Features replaceable pins.


BLB 15mm Ratchet Wrench

The mainstay tool of the Fixed Gear rider, the 15mm spanner is an indispensable item to have with you.

We wanted our 15mm spanner to be simple; it doesn’t need a bottle opener on it or a fold out chain tool, it just needs to work really well.

We've added a dual-directional 15mm Socket Wrench (ratchet spanner) to the other end, so as you don’t round your nuts off. Its also long enough to give you plenty of leverage and small enough to tuck away in a pocket. What more could you want?


BLB 4-Pin Freewheel Tool

4 Pin freewheel remover for use with BLB Royal ED freewheels.

The 4 pin design provides additional purchase making the removal of freewheels easier, even when they are stuck fast. Perfect for BLB Royal ED freewheels and will work with most other freewheels (including Shimano).


BLB 8-Pin Freewheel Tool

8 Pin freewheel remover for use with BLB Superior freewheels.

The 8 pin design provides additional purchase making the removal of freewheels easier, even when they are stuck fast. Suitable for BLB Superior freewheels only (not compatible with 2 or 4 pin freewheels).


BLB Bamboo Multitool

Because you never know for sure what’s waiting round the next corner, it pays to go prepared.

Small enough for a jersey pocket, attractive enough for mantle piece display the BLB Mini Allen Key Set combines form with function to deliver one of the most useful tools you will ever own.


BLB Bottom Bracket Socket Wrench

The BLB Bottom Bracket Socket Wrench works with Shimano cartridge bb sockets. It has a long arm for good leverage and torque with an anti-slip grip design. Perfect for any workshop or home mechanic.

BLB Cable Cutter

Durable, workshop quality cable cutters. Essential tool for any bike shop or home mechanic.

BLB Cassette Remover Wrench

The BLB Cassette Remover is designed to remove Shimano HG cassettes with a supporting centre pin.

Its ergonomic handle and durable construction produce leverage and a long lasting tool for your kit. Perfect for any workshop or home mechanic.


BLB Chainring Bolt Screwdriver

Mandatory tool for any chainring installation. Perfect fit for all standard and BLB chainring bolts.

BLB Crank Puller

Workshop quality, heavy duty crank puller tool and 14mm wrench – with this handy tool we’ve got you covered!

BLB Hollowtech II Bottom Bracket Wrench

Designed for Hollowtech II outboard bottom brackets.

Features a compression cap remover which fixes onto the main tool to prevent loss. Long arm for good leverage and torque, anti-slip grip design. Perfect for any workshop or home mechanic.


BLB Mini Pro Tool

A perfect addition to any tool kit, this pocket sized lockring and chain whip tool is small enough to fit in a saddle bag and large enough to remove even the tightest cog.

High polished finish with laser cut BLB logo.


BLB Pedal Wrench

Our elegant yet heavy duty wooden handled pedal wrench with additional 15mm and 14mm sockets.

Heavily tested, used and abused by our in-house Brick Lane Bikes mechanics.


BLB Professional Chainwhip

The BLB Professional Chainwhip is a workshop quality chain whip and lockring tool at a home mechanic price.

The extra long arm and heavy duty construction ensures you will be able to remove even the most seized on sprockets. Highly durable, this is one tool you won’t need to replace.


BLB Rainbow Allen Key Set

Lets face it, every cyclist needs Hex (or Allen) keys. Multi tools are great for out and about, but when at home the extra length of a full Allen Key set is often a necessity.

BLB is proud to offer all the useful attributes of an Allen Key set, but with the added bonus of a fantastic array of colours. Working on your bike doesn’t have to be grey, we know a colourful like the BLB Rainbow Allen Key toolset will always make us smile.


BLB Road 6-10 Speed Chain Splitter

Mini pocket chain splitter for 6-10 speed chain, double driven pin and retainer for exchange and repair. Small device with superb grip and power.

BLB Road 7-11 Speed Chain Splitter

Smooth and slick 7-11 speed road chain splitter with rose wooden handles and a built in bottle opener. Include double driving pin for exchange and repair.

BLB Y Tool

Simple, affordable and reliable Hex Key tool. BLB Y tool suites both workshop and home use. Featuring 4, 5 and 6mm Hex Keys.

Paul Components Bottle Opener - Black

There’s a bottle opener on one end, a 15mm brake spring adjuster on the other, and 56g of cool 6061 aluminium in between.

Paul Components Bottle Opener - Silver

There’s a bottle opener on one end, a 15mm brake spring adjuster on the other, and 56g of cool 6061 aluminium in between.

Paul Components Lockring Wrench

The lockring wrench works with almost all lockrings. Paul Components wrench will even fit rings with odd numbers of slots (just remove one tooth). The handle is long and fits the hand nicely.

Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Tool

Portable square taper bottom bracket cup installation tool which requires using a 22mm closed end wrench to use. This tool is unchanged since its original release by us is in 1971.

One recommended for British Cups and two required for Italian Cups.


Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Wrench

Phil Wood's professional bottom bracket wrench. Same high quality built, but with a handle for better leverage.

Our bike tools are a low-cost investment that could save you a lot of money down the line before something goes wrong. Whether you need to build a bike or just keep a multitool on you whilst riding, we have all the tools you need. We stock a range of specialist tools for chains, cranks, brakes, brackets, wires, pedals and more. We've even got a tool for opening a bottle of pop!

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