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BLB 1/8" Chain Splitter

1/8” chain breaker for track and fixed gear applications.

BLB 15mm Ratchet Wrench

The mainstay tool of the Fixed Gear rider, the 15mm Spanner is an indispensable item to have with you.

BLB Bamboo Multitool

Because you never know for sure what’s waiting round the next corner, it pays to go prepared.

BLB Bottom Bracket Socket Wrench

Pro BB wrench for Shimano cartridge bb socket.

BLB Cable Cutter

Durable, workshop quality cable cutters.

BLB Chainring Bolt Screwdriver

Mandatory tool for any chainring installation.

BLB Crank Puller

Workshop quality, heavy duty crank puller tool and 14mm wrench – with this handy tool we’ve got you covered!

BLB Freewheel Tool

8 Pin freewheel remover for use with BLB Superior and Royal Freewheel.

BLB Mini Pro Tool

A perfect addition to any tool kit, this pocket sized lockring and chainwhip tool is small enough to fit in a saddle bag and big enough to remove even the tightest cog.

BLB Pedal Wrench

Our elegant yet heavy duty wooden handled pedal wrench with additional 15mm and 14mm sockets.

BLB Professional Chainwhip

Workshop quality chainwhip and lockring tool at home mechanic prices.

BLB Rainbow Allen Key Set

Lets face it, every cyclist needs Hex (or Allen) keys. Multi tools are great for out and about, but when at home the extra length of a full Allen Key set is often a necessity.

BLB Road 6-10 Speed Chain Splitter

Mini pocket chain splitter for 6-10 speed chain, double driven pin and retainer for exchange and repair.

BLB Road 7-11 Speed Chain Splitter

Smooth and slick 7-11 speed road chain splitter with rose wooden handles and a built in bottle opener.

BLB Y Tool

Simple, affordable and reliable Hex Key tool.

Cobra Tyre Tool

If you ride a bike long enough, you will experience a flat tire.
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Paul Components Bottle Opener - Black

There’s a bottle opener on one end, a 15mm brake spring adjuster on the other, and 56g of cool 6061 aluminium in between.
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Paul Components Lockring Wrench

The lockring wrench works with almost all lockrings.
£54.00 £77.69
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Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Tool

Home version of the Phil Wood BB installation tool.

Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Wrench

Phil Wood's professional bottom bracket wrench.
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Phil Wood Portable Lockring Tool

The steel lock ring interface is made to fit the Phil Wood, White Industries, or Campagnolo lock ring and is secured to a color-coded, aluminium outer cog.
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