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Paul Components Bottle Opener - Orange

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BLB 700c Rim Tape

High quality rim tape. Protects the tube against mechanical damage – with style.

BLB Track Sprocket - Green

Hard wearing and high quality steel Track sprockets in a variety of colours and a massive range of sizes.

14–16 tooth sprockets have no cut outs. 17–18 tooth sprockets are SLR (ie. with cut outs).


BLB Beefy Lockring - Green

Super awesome beefy steel lockring. Your lockring tool won’t slip out; making it exceptionally difficult to strip the threads during installation or removal.

BLB Royal ED Freewheel - 108 Clicks

The BLB royal ED freewheels are offering new design and superb performance.

108 click/ 9 pawl allow for maximum engagement, reducing any risk of skipping and providing an all round enhanced performance.

Elevate your ride to the next level with the Royal ED freewheel and you will notice the difference!