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Phil Wood Bio Lube Oil

A lighter lubricant than Phil Wood Tenacious Oil, Bio-Lube is created using all-natural ingredients and works as a fair-weather lubricant, as well as an all-purpose household lubricant.

Phil Wood Hand Cleaner

Phil Wood hand cleaner is extremely effective. It’s meant to be used on dry hands, worked in, then rinsed off.

Phil Wood Lil Grease Cartridge

This is a 3 oz. (85g) tube of Phil Wood Water Proof Grease for those who do a lot of their own work around their shop/garage.
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Phil Wood Lil Grease Gun w/Needle Adaptor

Phil Wood & Co, offers its Lil’ Phil Grease Gun.
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Phil Wood Tenacious Oil

Phil Wood Tenacious Oil is used for ultimate protection and durability for components that have movement with metal-to-metal contact.

Phil Wood Waterproof Grease

Phil Wood Waterproof Grease is used to pack all our Phil Spec’d bearings for maximum durability.
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