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Kimori A-Head OS Stem - Silver

Crafted by master machinists in Japan these CNC aluminium stems manage to be both incredibely stylish and incredibly light.

The fully rounded design adds strength and allows the stem to be milled out to an insane degree.


Kimori Rear Brake Adaptor

Heralding from Japan Kimori brake adaptors offer the most secure and stylish way to mount a caliper brake to an undrilled frame without resorting to drilling holes in places that don’t want them.

Easy to attach to the rear of a non-drilled frame with only a single side bolt, without damaging the frame.

The arm attaches to the seat tube and then simply rests on the seat stay bridge; a system that provides far more support and power to your brakes than any other rear brake adaptor out there.

It will fit any frame with a round seat tube and an accessible seat stay bridge.

Please note: Rear Brake Adaptors come in different extension lengths to fit different sized frames. To find out what size do you need please measure distance between seat tube and centre of the bridge. Please request PDF sizing card before ordering.

76-96mm - S

86-106mm - M

95-115mm - L

105-125mm - 2L

115-135mm - 3L

125-145mm - 4L


The origin of Kimori's bicycle production goes back to 1985. It begins with Kimori joining a long-established Japanese frame store, Cherubim. Kimori is an innovation group that specializes in innovative manufacturing crafted by master machinists in Japan.

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