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Hiplok DX

The Hiplok DX features double dead lock and anti-rotation locking combined with a 14mm premium hardened steel shackle to withstand the toughest of attacks. Independently awarded maximum gold level security rating by the experts at sold secure.

It is one of most lightweight gold rated bike locks and with patented clip ride system, the DX clips on to belts and bag straps making it easy to carry on your ride.


Hiplok Gold Chain Lock

The Hiplok GOLD chain lock is built to withstand the toughest of attacks. It featutes a 12mm premium hardened steel and 10mm premium hardened steel shackle to protect your bike from the thieves.

Hiplok’s patented wearable design adjusts to fit your waist without locking to your body while riding. This means you can easily transport a heavy-duty chain. The GOLD’s has a speed buckle fastening for quick buckle up and release adding to the convenience.


Hiplok Superbright Chain Lock

The Hiplok Superbright Wearable Chain Lock is a super tough bike lock that you can wear comfortably around your waist when riding to save on storage space. It features a highly reflective sleeve to ensure you're seen in the dark, and its hardened steel chain will keep your bike safe. This model has a Silver Secure rating.

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