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Failure to comply will immediately void any warranty

  • Maximum rider weight - 95kg
  • Maximum tyre width - 25c
  • Maximum tyre pressure - 110psi
  • Carbon brake pads must be used on carbon surfaces

Your carbon wheel/rim is designed for riding on a paved surface or smooth gravel roads where the tyres do not lose ground contact. Riding in a manner other than its intended use can cause carbon to fatigue or fail, and will void any warranty.


Taking care of your carbon wheel/rim

Carbon fibre must be inspected carefully for damage, fatigue and stress. Inspect your wheel or rim for signs of fatigue before and after each ride.

  • Check for scratches, gouges or other surface problems
  • Check the wheel for loss of rigidity
  • Check the wheel surface for delamination
  • Listen for unusual noises

After any high force load, like a crash or other impact to your bicycle, you must have your wheel/rim checked by an expert bicycle mechanic to determine whether it is safe to continue riding with.