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Fyxation Sparta All Road Carbon Fork - Black

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BLB Adjustable Mini Bell - Black

A cute new addition to the BLB range, a variety of elegant mini and full-sized retro bells. BLB Adjustable Mini bell is available with a unique new adjustable clamp system that will stretch to fit any handlebar (even oversized). They’re so cute they’ll make anybody smile!

BLB Pro-Satin Bar Tape - Black

An all-weather conditions bar tape with a unique satin finish. This soft padded, anti-slip bar tape has a comfortable ‘tennis raquet’ feel.

Columbus Carbon Expander Bung

An absolute essential for any bike with a carbon steerer tube. A carbon Fork Bung is an expander plug that tightens into the top of the steerer tube to give the headset top cap something to pull on when compressing the headset.