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BLB Frames and Components Product warranty

BLB BigMama provides a one-year warranty against manufacturing or material defects on all BLB Frames and Components. This means that we offer a guarantee on material and production faults for one full year from the date of purchase of the product. However products with moving parts (such as hubs, wheels, cranksets), that fail due to contamination, misuse, improper tampering, or lack of maintenance are not covered under warranty even if failure occurs within one year from date of purchase.

All BLB products have an intended purpose. Products used outside of their purpose will not be warranted and BLB BigMama cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to misuse. It is the product users’ responsibility to examine the product on a regular basis to determine the need for service and or replacement. Furthermore, in the case of fixed sprockets or lockrings it is the users responsibility to ensure both products are checked and tightened before and after each ride. Should this not be done both can come loose resulting in accident and/or damage to the sprocket/lockring/hub; in this case BLB BigMama cannot entertain warranty claims.

Not covered under this warranty are the following:

  • Normal wear of parts that are subject to wear like bearings, chainrings/sprockets, tyres
  • Incorrect assembly or in combination with other products that are not compatible
  • Insufficient maintenance, tampering, misuse, and neglect
  • Items damaged as a result of the bicycle being involved in an accident or crash
  • Damage caused by vandalism or theft

Vintage Frames and Components

BLB BigMama does not offer any warranty on Vintage, Used or Second hand products. It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect all Vintage items to ascertain the products condition prior to purchase. No returns will be accepted under any circumstances. Brick Lane Bikes strongly suggests buyer to take additional care with vintage items; and as result of their age not subject them to too much force or “hard” riding; this is particularly applicable to building wheels from vintage parts.


If you have a warranty claim

Should you believe you have a warranty claim you will need to provide the original purchase receipt along with the product (and/or complete bike) for inspection by BLB BigMama Technical staff.

BLB BigMama will not cover the cost of postage upfront, but may choose to do so if your warranty claim is successful, Brick Lane Bikes will always cover the cost of postage when returning goods that have been successful in their claim for warranty, but will not cover the cost of shipping for the return of goods that are unsuccessful in their claim.

If you have any questions or queries about anything to do with warranty please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by either email or phone via the details below:

Tel: +44 (0)20 3022 3002


Carbon Components Warranty

Please note that warranty card supplied with your product must be signed and returned back to activate your warranty. Failure to do so will immedietely void any warranty.




Manufacturing defects found within 2 months We will replace the warranty item and pay shipping both ways.
Manufacturing defects found within 2 months to 1 year We will replace the warranty item and you just pay shipping to us.
We find that your wheel issue is not manufacturing defect but caused from miss use or accident (within 1 year) We will sell you a new set of wheels at 25% off.
You crash and destroy your wheels (within 1 year) We will sell you a new set of wheels at 25% off.
What's not covered Normal wear and tear

The following will void your warranty

  • Misuse (jumping, trick riding)
  • Modification of wheels
  • Tire pressure exceeding 140psi
  • Improper assembly
  • Improper follow-up maintenance or maintenance by an unauthorised technician
  • Installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for, or not compatible with the wheel sets sold.
  • Use of brake pads not designed for carbon wheels (were applicable)

This warranty does not cover

  • Normal wear and tear (bearings, skewers, spokes etc)
  • Surface finish and cosmetic treatments (anodising, decals, etc)
  • All other bicycle components
  • Consequential or incidental damages (where applicable)