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Factory 5

Factory 5 Lattice Chainring - Silver

The Lattice Chainring is technically innovative and intrinsically beautiful. Latest 2018 editions have an increased lattice thickness, increased plane thickness, and an increased lattice pitch to make it stiffer than ever before.

It’s freaking light and euphemistically gorgeous. Precision CNC milled from a single piece of 7075 aluminium, the dual-plane cutouts maintain strength whilst reducing the chainring’s weight to sub ~100g.

Chainring bolts not included.


Factory Five started in 2010 when the necessity grew to have a hub for organising our beer drinking and bike riding activities. They started by rebuilding the Chinese classic bikes and eventually popularity grew. Factory 5 soon found themselves making them for other people. A website was made, a name was decided and they started to set up shop. By 2012 Factory 5 had developed their first product line of handbuilt aluminium and steel frames and complete bikes. From that moment their goal was to distribute and retail internationally. The focus has turned to reaching as many incredible customers as possible with their unique components.

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