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Crane E-NE Bell - Neo Black

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BLB 3M Cable Holder - Black

Ideal for frames with large or oversized top tubes. Brake cable simply clips into the cable holder and is secured by zip tie (zip tie does not wrap around frame). 3M slic cable holder features high performance adhesive, allowing strong fixture but can be cleanly removed if needed.

BLB Fender Mounting Kit - Silver

This kit allows you to fit these fenders on to frames without eyelets and offers a clean looking mount without using the plastic clip-on mounts that come supplied with the fenders.

Mounts directly to the quick release skewer (4mm mount) or the hub axle (10mm mount).


Rindow Bullet CNC Mount - Silver

The CNC alloy mount that would allow you to fit your Rindow Bullet light to front or rear eyelets. This mount can also be used with the stainless stays to mount the lights to the front or rear brake calipers.

Rindow Bullet Stays - Silver

Combined with CNC mount will allow you to fit your Rindow Bullet light to front or rear brake calipers.

The stainless silver stays come in two different types, straight or bent. Straight stay is recommended for the rear attachment as the light will be mounted at a higher position.