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Columbus Air Tusk Carbon Fork - Black

Designed for time-trial or triathlon frames. It uses an aerodynamic bladed profile made from variable section carbon fibre to reduce drag.

The fork blades also have a special curve in the rear section to improve handling comfort.


Columbus Carbon Expander Bung

An absolute essential for any bike with a carbon steerer tube. A carbon Fork Bung is an expander plug that tightens into the top of the steerer tube to give the headset top cap something to pull on when compressing the headset.

Columbus Futura Caliper Carbon Fork - Black

Combining its streamlined front section, curvilinear blades and oversized sections and shapes, the Futura delivers an extremely sharp riding experience with an excellent overall weight reduction and enhanced stiffness and precision when cornering.

Columbus Futura Caliper SL Carbon Fork - Black

A Columbus icon at the peak of carbon technology, the Futura SL was designed with control and reliability at its core.

Lightweight tapered blades and increased tyre clearance (28mm) offer a superior aerodynamic yet well-balanced ride. The special CNC integrated shim reduces vibrations and unnecessary stress on the frame.

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Columbus Futura Disc Carbon Fork - Black

The Futura Disc’s ultra-light monocoque structure has been asymmetrically reinforced in the areas most stressed when braking, as well as providing increased torsion control.

Twinned with the capability of mounting 160mm disc rotors and an 1.5” oversized steerer to maximise stiffness, the Futura Disc ensures an unbeatable performance.


Columbus Futura Gravel Carbon Fork - Black

Whether on or off-road, dry or wet, the Futura Gravel can face the most demanding conditions.

Optimal stability and powerful braking are supplied through the ability to host up to 160mm rotors and a tapered 1 1/4” steerer.

Oversized clearance allows knobbly tyres up to 40mm whilst integrated hidden eyelets enable the use of fenders (35mm tyre max).


Columbus Minimal Vintage Monocoque Carbon Fork - Black (1" steerer)

This fork is made with overlapped layers of carbon fibre used in the aeronautical industry.

The progressive curve of the fork blades absorbs vibrations and guarantee great handling stability in extreme conditions.


Columbus Pista Leggera Carbon Fork - Black

Carbon fibre fork designed by the Columbus Carbon Lab for track and urban use.

The straight blades are laminated using T700 unidirectional carbon fiber. The 1.5" forged aluminium head is CNC machined and presents inside the hole for assembling the front brake (for use without the brake the hole is closed by the cap that can be easily removed using drill).

The 35mm rake together with the significant section of the blades makes this fork highly responsive and fast, perfect for the sprint and sudden changes of direction.


Columbus Tusk Straight Carbon Fork - Black

Carbon fibre monocoque fork with straight blades which follow the original design of the Tusk profile. An aluminium insert reinforces the fork head crown to prevent damages from the headset.

The fork column steerer diameter is 1 1/8" and dropouts are forged in aluminium 6061 T6. The straight shape of the fork blades increases the stiffness of the fork and gives a better overall driving precision to the bike.

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