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BLB Pro-Superlight PU Bar Tape - Red

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BLB CNC Lever (Single) - Red

Super light and elegant CNC’d aluminium lever provides exceptional braking power.

Machined to exceptional tolerances the lever moves with unparalleled precision allowing for top quality modulation and control.

BLB TT-Lever (Single) - Black

These individually sold, lightweight and elegant time trial levers are available in alloy or super lightweight carbon (47.5g).

Compatible with any handlebars with 18-24mm internal bar diameter.

BLB Eastwood OS Bar - Black

A new generation of bull bar with slightly curved-in arms, the Eastwood bar will keep your agile and aerodynamic to dart through traffic.

Cinelli Bubble Bar Tape - Red

Soft Air -Tight padded micro spheres create cushioning bubbles for extreme comfort and absorption of perspiration.