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BLB King Hub Spare Bolt Hoods - Black

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BLB 4-Pin Freewheel Tool

4 Pin freewheel remover for use with BLB Royal ED freewheels.

The 4 pin design provides additional purchase making the removal of freewheels easier, even when they are stuck fast. Perfect for BLB Royal ED freewheels and will work with most other freewheels (including Shimano).


BLB 1/8" Chain Splitter

1/8” chain breaker for track and fixed gear applications.

This 1/8” chain breaker works as well as the Park Tools CT2 but doesn’t cost the earth. The burly handle along with over sized head ensures this tool will break even the burliest BMX chains without you breaking a sweat.

Tough enough for the use in even the busiest workshops and affordable enough to be found in the bottom of every cyclists back pack. Features replaceable pins.


BLB Super Pista Sprocket - Silver

Superior CNC’d Stainless Steel ensures smoothness and the ultimate in corrosion and wear resistance for this beautifully finished sprocket.

Now packaged in an elegant new box and available in four sizes.


BLB Super Pista Lockring - Silver

The same super beefy construction that ensures your tools don’t slip out, but made from high Quality Stainless Steel, add a touch of class to your whip.