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BLB Fly Saddle - Green

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BLB Rubber Johnny - Orange

A fantastic entry level slick tyre in a sexy range of bright colours! Make a statement and put some colour in your life!

All tyres are sold individually.

£6.99 £13.99

BLB Pista OS Bar - Silver

The BLB Pista OS is a true track drop bar, perfect for fast and aggressive rider.

Beautiful curved shape, yet narrow enough for city traffic. This new addition to BLB handlebar range is light, durable, stiff and affordable.


Spray.Bike Frame Builder's Transparent Varnish

Spray.Bike colours are matte. This acrylic Transparent Finish adds a satin or gloss top-coat.

Spray.Bike spray cans will ship separately from the rest of your order, additional shipping cost will be added to your order.


Ass Saver Regular - White

Wether you commute to work or race in the UCI World tour, the Ass Saver Regular will keep your butt dry and dramatically increase the comfort on cold and wet rides.

The latest Ass Saver sports the new FLIP-TIP™ attachment system. Once fitted, simply fold up the tip of the Ass Saver and it will securely lock to the saddle rails.

Have no doubt, The fourth generation of Ass Savers is your new best friend. Easy to hook up with, never being a burden and always there to cover your back, no matter what.