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BLB Rainbow Allen Key Set

Lets face it, every cyclist needs Hex (or Allen) keys. Multi tools are great for out and about, but when at home the extra length of a full Allen Key set is often a necessity.

BLB is proud to offer all the useful attributes of an Allen Key set, but with the added bonus of a fantastic array of colours. Working on your bike doesn’t have to be grey, we know a colourful like the BLB Rainbow Allen Key toolset will always make us smile.


BLB Bamboo Multitool

Because you never know for sure what’s waiting round the next corner, it pays to go prepared.

Small enough for a jersey pocket, attractive enough for mantle piece display the BLB Mini Allen Key Set combines form with function to deliver one of the most useful tools you will ever own.


BLB Pedal Wrench

Our elegant yet heavy duty wooden handled pedal wrench with additional 15mm and 14mm sockets.

Heavily tested, used and abused by our in-house Brick Lane Bikes mechanics.


BLB Crank Puller

Workshop quality, heavy duty crank puller tool and 14mm wrench – with this handy tool we’ve got you covered!

BLB Professional Chainwhip

The BLB Professional Chainwhip is a workshop quality chain whip and lockring tool at a home mechanic price.

The extra long arm and heavy duty construction ensures you will be able to remove even the most seized on sprockets. Highly durable, this is one tool you won’t need to replace.


BLB 1/8" Chain Splitter

1/8” chain breaker for track and fixed gear applications.

This 1/8” chain breaker works as well as the Park Tools CT2 but doesn’t cost the earth. The burly handle along with over sized head ensures this tool will break even the burliest BMX chains without you breaking a sweat.

Tough enough for the use in even the busiest workshops and affordable enough to be found in the bottom of every cyclists back pack. Features replaceable pins.


BLB Cable Cutter

Durable, workshop quality cable cutters. Essential tool for any bike shop or home mechanic.

BLB 15mm Ratchet Wrench

The mainstay tool of the Fixed Gear rider, the 15mm spanner is an indispensable item to have with you.

We wanted our 15mm spanner to be simple; it doesn’t need a bottle opener on it or a fold out chain tool, it just needs to work really well.

We've added a dual-directional 15mm Socket Wrench (ratchet spanner) to the other end, so as you don’t round your nuts off. Its also long enough to give you plenty of leverage and small enough to tuck away in a pocket. What more could you want?


BLB Notorious 38 Rim - 700c - Natural Carbon MSW

Following the demand for high-end, carbon ’fast’ wheels and rims in 2012 we developed a new line: Notorious BLB.

BLB Notorious 38 – our signature 3K tough carbon weave deep section clincher rims, suitable for urban riding!


BLB Small Ping Bell - Black

A cute addition to the BLB range, a variety of elegant mini and full-sized retro bells. The BLB Small Ping Bell (black) also comes in other classic colours and finishes (for that perfect sound)!

BLB Alloy Clamp Mini Bell - Black

The BLB Alloy Clamp Mini Bell (black) comes with high quality aluminium clamp that will fit 22.2mm handlebars. They’re so cute they’ll make anybody smile!

BLB Adjustable Mini Bell - Black

The BLB Adjustable Mini bell (black) is available with a unique adjustable clamp system that will stretch to fit any handlebar (even oversized). They’re so cute they’ll make anybody smile!

BLB Large Dome Bell - Black

A cute addition to the BLB range, the BLB Large Dome Bell (black) is an elegant large dome bell. This bike bell comes with clamp that will fit 22.2mm - 25.4mm handlebars.

BLB Lock Holder - Black

Available in one size for mini D-Locks, these highly functional Lock Holders fit to any belt and allow your Lock to be kept close to hand and off the bike, saving the need for unattractive frame lock mounts.

BLB Cycling Gloves - Black

The BLB Cycling Gloves (black) have a crochet string back with cuff adjusters and a synthetic leather/suede palm with foam padding. Featuring our classic shield logo and lockring logo.

BLB Top Tube Cover - Black

The BLB Top Tube Cover (black) is an ultra smart real leather top-tube protector that adds a touch of class and practical protection to your ride.

BLB Pro-Gel Bar Tape - Black

A textured gel tape allowing for an extra soft and cushioned touch. The textured pattern provides additional grip and shock absorbency. Comfortable, strong, durable and lightweight.

BLB Rack & Basket Combo - Chrome

Dual functionality at a fantastic price; combining a finely welded chromed mesh basket with a beautifully finished chrome rack. Simply using two screws this basket fits perfectly to the front rack. Front rack can be used on it’s own or with basket for extra carrying power. Rack fittings are provided with two sets of P-clips making it easy to fit to a wide range of forks.

BLB Basket - Chrome

We all know customers want their bikes to look good but still need them to be functional. Our new BLB Basket does just that!

A finely welded chromed mesh basket, supplied with a slim and elegant front wheel stand. Chromed handle bar supports will fit a wide range of bars and clamp sizes from 22.2mm – 26.0mm and can even fit 31.8 bars that taper down to 26mm. Stand can be adjusted to fit a range of wheel and bike sizes from 26” up 700c and 27” 1/1/4.


BLB Chain Tugs - Black

A simple and cost effective device that will keep your rear wheel at the right tension. Works in conjunction with most rear facing track ends.

BLB Beefy Lockring - Black

The BLB Beefy Lockring (black) as the name suggests is a super awesome, beefy steel lockring. Your lockring tool won’t slip out of the Beefy Lockring; making it exceptionally difficult to strip the threads during installation or removal.

BLB Single Speed Chain Tensioner - Black

Convert any vertical dropout frame with derailleur hanger to single speed.

Spring loaded arm keeps tension on chain, pulley axle adjusts to optimise chainline. Chain retention hoop prevents chain derailment.


BLB Super Pista Sprocket - Silver

Superior CNC’d Stainless Steel ensures smoothness and the ultimate in corrosion and wear resistance for this beautifully finished sprocket.

Now packaged in an elegant new box and available in four sizes.


BLB Sealed 1 1/8" Headset - Black

A perfect match for the BLB Track. This wallet friendly headset for 1 1/8” a-head forks will last and last.

BLB Unsealed 1" Headset - Black

The BLB Unsealed 1" Headset (black) is a highly affordable loose bearing headset for 1” threaded forks. High-end finish and classic design ensures this piece will be at home on any bike.

BLB Seat Pin bolt

BLB seat pin bolt for BLB Classic frame sets.

BLB Fork Shim

Fork shims that will allow to mount 1 1/8" a-head stems onto 1" threadless forks.

BLB Zero Stack Headset - Black

High quality sealed bearing semi-intergrated headset to fit any frames with 44mm headtube.
£22.50 £45.00

BLB Y Tool

Simple, affordable and reliable Hex Key tool. BLB Y tool suites both workshop and home use. Featuring 4, 5 and 6mm Hex Keys.

BLB Shopping Bag

Made from 100% bio-degradable cotton, the BLB shopping bag is eco-friendly plus you have something cool to put your shopping in. BLB Logo on both sides.

BLB T-Rex Pedals - Black

The must-have affordable wide plastic BMX style pedal for freestyle application. The BLB T-Rex Pedals (black) are compatible for all types of foot retention system. They partner perfectly with the BLB Lockdown straps.

BLB Track OS Seat Post - Black

The BLB Track seat post (OS black) has a classic no nonsense design. Curved sliding angle enables wide range of adjustment for the perfect saddle position. Anti-rust bolts fitted as standard.

We, Brick Lane Bikes design and produce beautiful bikes, frames and components. Our heritage is in London's Courier riding and everything we build has an Urban Vibe.

Our bikes - Single Speed/Fixed or 8 Speed Town Bikes - are beautifully made with a style and quality you don't see with other manufacturers. We also produce stunning components and accessories.

We distribute to customers all around the world, sending them bikes (both standard and customs builds), frames, components and accessories everyday. So if you want to build a dream bike, look no further!

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