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Aventon Mataro Fixie & Single Speed Bike - White

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BLB Double Nylon Straps - Black

Super strong nylon double Toe Strap, a more stretch resistant material than leather, and its vegan friendly too. Includes nylon binding patch.

Kryptonite Series 2 Standard

The people at Kryptonite have a pure passion for creating the best security in the world.

It's their innovative product designs, intimate knowledge of market trends and complete commitment to customers that will continue to keep the competition striving to reach the high bar Kryptonite sets and allows their customers to feel free to stop wherever they want.


Knog Ring Master 2.2 Security Cable - White

It goes without saying that if you like it then you gotta put a Ring on it – but why settle for just any old ring? The Master not only encircles pretty much anything you need it to, it also tames lions, can work a crowd and is on close personal terms with the bearded lady – do you think she would just hang around with any old schmo? Roll up and roll out!

Cable only, lock not included!