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BLB T-Rex Pedals - Clear

The must-have affordable wide plastic BMX style pedal for freestyle application. The BLB T-Rex Pedals (clear) are compatible for all types of foot retention system. They partner perfectly with the BLB Lockdown straps.

BLB T-Rex Pedals - Violet

The must-have affordable wide plastic BMX style pedal for freestyle application. Compatible for all types of foot retention system they partner perfectly with the BLB Lockdown freestyle straps.

Fyxation Gates Pedals - Orange

The Fyxation Gates pedal (orange) are classic BMX inspired pedals with a wide platform and moulded in grip studs.

Built to last, the Gates pedals are moulded from an impact grade nylon and will hold up much better than brittle PC. alternatives.

Ideal for commuting, fixed gear, trail riding, and BMX, the Gates is a versatile and reliable platform pedal. Compatible with most pedal straps and foot retention systems.


Fyxation Gates Slim Pedals - White

The Fyxation Gates Slim Pedal (white) combines the Gates BMX platform pedal and thin bodied/sealed bearing Mesa platform pedal into a durable and affordable package.

Cr-Mo spindle, rebuildable loose ball bearings, impact grade nylon and a super thin profile should make the Gates Slim an easy choice.

The Gates Slim pedals are ideal for any commuter/city build but is also great for BMX riders looking for a durable, thin and affordable platform pedal.


Moto Classic Urban Pedals - Natural wood

MOTO’s premium pedal. The Urban pedal features two fibreglass-reinforced plastic load-bearing shells and a highly tempered CNC hollow axle enclosed in a hardwearing plywood frame.

The continuous pedal surface twinned with strong griptape ensures maximum adhesion, making this a classy pedal with a great balance between rigidity and weight.


Shroom Metro Pedals - Silver

The Shroom Metro pedal is another great value pedal - good grip, strong, and very good looking.

Will match all the shiny silver components on a custom built city ride perfectly! You can use it with or without toe clips and straps.


Let's be pedantic, you won't go far without pedals! We have a huge selection of different types, colours and sizes from Fyxation, Moto, Shroom and our own BLB brand.

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