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Overade Plixi Helmet - Blue

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The main reason why urban cyclists take the risk of not wearing a helmet is the inconvenience of carrying it when not on the bike.

Overade’s patented and very innovative folding helmet permits it to store very easily but without forgetting comfort and security.
Smart and easy to use, the helmet folds and unfolds in seconds. A great innovation that will make it appealing for all urban cyclists.

• The Plixi is folding and elegant. But it is also the best ally for your safety. Designed as a carapace, each piece is useful and contributes to the strength of the helmet.
• Folded in a snap, he immediately finds its place in your bag. And unfolds just as easily.
• Add the cover and the visor and you will be protected from the elements. While in summer the 14 vents you will be as valuable.
• The Plixi obviously protect you. But it has also been designed to become your accessory just like a watch or a purse.
• With a bold urban design, the contemporary unisex object perfectly matches with your different looks, professional and personal.

• 14 vents
• Common Sizing
• Adjustable straps
• Outer ABS Hardshell
• Internal Shell: EPS with comfort foam padding
• For all types of cycling, Skateboarding, Roller Skating and Kick Scooters

S/M (54-58cm)
L/XL (59-62cm)

Please take your time when choosing helmet size.

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