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Populo Sport Electric Bike - Polished

Bolt to work or play on today’s modern, lightweight, and eco-friendly Populo Sport Electric bike.

This new gateway electric bike will get you to work or a social gathering, without the sweaty mess of a traditional bike. Let the 250 watt motor effortlessly energise your day with speeds up to 15.5mph (25kph), and a range of 30 miles or more!

Your choice of 8 electric assist levels will give you just the right amount of effort you desire. With all these features combined you are ready to take on the city with style and confidence!

Here you'll find more information about electric bikes. Click here to download Populo LCD screen user manual.

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We're seeing how people who care about the planet are thinking about their journey to work too. An electric bike can make a first thing in the morning commute that little bit easier. They bring back the fun of biking for people who are beginning to feel they're not as fit as they used to be. An investment in the future.

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