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Deda Cortissimo Stem - White

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Cinelli Bubble Bar Tape - Red

Soft Air -Tight padded micro spheres create cushioning bubbles for extreme comfort and absorption of perspiration.

FSA Fork Bung

An absolute essential for any bike with a carbon steerer tube.

Fork bung is an expander plug that tightens into the top of the steerer tube to give the headset top cap something to pull on when compressing the headset.


Velocity Chukker - 700c - White NMSW

Chukker has all the same benefits of a Deep V – strength, durability and versatility, but it is adapted for larger riders, the tandem market, bike polo and freestyle.

People wanted something a little wider that could take more punishment and be able to mount larger tires - that's what Chukkers are made for.


BLB Lock Holder - Black

Available in one size for mini D-Locks, these highly functional Lock Holders fit to any belt and allow your Lock to be kept close to hand and off the bike, saving the need for unattractive frame lock mounts.