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Crane Hand Painted Bell - Black Night

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BLB Wooden Race Fenders - Mahogany

This newest addition to our fender family provide a touch of style to the bland road accessory market. These are super easy to take on and off and adjust. Undeniably gorgeous yet functional!

Our new BLB race wooden fenders are hand crafted with the highest attention to detail and finished with an integrated stainless steel BLB logo. These fit just about all 700c bikes and will work with any road tyre up to a 28c.


Crane Hand Painted Bell - Onna

Crane bells are made in Osaka, Japan. These traditional designs are timeless and have beautiful clear ring tones. Beautifully hand painted bells from Crane, designed to fit pretty much any handlebar, that is plenty loud – 50% louder than the little brass bells that aren’t quite loud enough, and louder even than your typical “ding-ding” bells. Every bike should have one.

Spray.Bike paint - Greenwich

Spray.Bike is the bicycle product we have all been waiting for – a DIY powder colour coat that’s super easy to use. It gives great results without requiring either spray paint experience or any other equipment... it's all in the can!

The spray we've developed is unlike traditional metal paint. Spray.Bike is a dry matte powder coating that doesn't drip, dribble or misbehave in any way. Spray.Bike paint is revolutionary in its ease of application and quality of finish.

Available in many colours from modern pop brights to historic and vintage tones, the possibilities are endless and crazily creative! A single 400ml spray will cover a bicycle frame and fork with a single coat. Spray.Bike paint will keep for up to 10 years in its can, so it’s always there for touch-ups or repairs.

Spray.Bike spray cans will ship separately from the rest of your order, additional shipping cost will be added to your order.