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BLB Large Badge Overhead Hoodie - Navy

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Crane Mini Suzu Handlebar Bell - Copper

Crane bells are made in Osaka, Japan. These traditional designs are timeless and have beautiful clear ring tones. This is the small size bell from Crane, designed to fit pretty much any handlebar, that is plenty loud – 50% louder than the little brass bells that aren’t quite loud enough, and louder even than your typical “ding-ding” bells. Every bike should have one.

Cinelli Gel Bar Tape - White

Gel Cork tape offer more comfort and the highest shock absorbing properties. VibraAbsorb® is the secret. A gel that covers the inner surface of the tape, self adhesive and perfect to wrap. It is heat-proof (up to 60°C) and super elastic, it can’t be teared and it’s incredibly shock absorbing and soft.

Cinelli Bubble Bar Tape - White

Soft Air -Tight padded micro spheres create cushioning bubbles for extreme comfort and absorption of perspiration.